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A Boating Holiday is the perfect way to get awat from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

Recent years have shown a huge upturn in the amount of people choosing to holiday on the water – and this gives you a chance to forget your busy life, and relax.

Latest Boating Holidays

  • Norfolk Broads Houseboats

    Ferry Cott Lane, Norwich, Norfolk

    Norfolk Broads Houseboats in Horning, ideal for a quiet relaxing holiday and perfect for fishing. Close to Norwich and Great Yarmouth.

Boating Holidays

Pleasure/cruising on a river or estuary

One of the more popular places for boating holidays is the Norfolk Broads, which is a great way of breaking free of so many things associated with modern life. The Broads are a beautiful area of the UK and there are plenty of boat yards from which to hire your craft.

Remember that you are not allowed to travel at a speed of more than 4 miles an hour on the Norfolk Broads and boats have to be moored up at night.

Canal Holidays

Hire a Canal Boat to explore 4,000 miles of waterways in the UK

Boating on the UK’s huge canal and river network takes you away from it all, you see nature close up and if you are interested in historical matters there is plenty to learn.

If you’ve never tried a canal holiday in the UK you may be surprised at level of modern amenities on many of the boats – such as showers, central heating and cooking equipment.

Help & tips:

Boating Holidays

  1. When you choose a boating holiday for the first time it is best to do some research. Hire a boat from one of the many reputable boat yards across the UK that are used to dealing in boating holidays and can give you the best advice
  2. When boating with young children or animals, take extra care