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Boutique B&Bs website launch

Two Yorkshire women who have a love for travel have launched a new website...

Two Yorkshire women who have a love for travel have launched a new website that brings together what they believe to be the most contemporary and stylish boutique-style bed and breakfast accommodation on offer in the country.

Thirty two year old Kirsten Barnitt and thirty five year old Lucy Oates-Dibnah came up with the idea when they got bored of not being able to find the standard of bed and breakfast accommodation that they were looking for. They then decided to put their shared joint passion for interior and travel to good use.

Their Boutique and Breakfast website is now online and can be found at It is hoping to become the number one site for like minded travellers who want a definitive guide to the best places to stay.

The site features luxurious hand-picked bed and breakfasts and all have been chosen to feature on the site because they all offer first class accommodation.

Kirsten said: “There’s a great choice of boutique hotels out there but we felt that people looking for bed and breakfast accommodation were entitled to expect an equally high standard of accommodation and facilities.”
“The traditional B&Bs of the past conjure up images of dodgy d├ęcor, communal bathrooms and badly-cooked breakfasts, but they have moved on in recent times and we’ve tracked down the very best on offer.

Lucy added: “Boutique is a term that’s used all too easily these days. To us it means intimate and stylish accommodation with a touch of luxury or even quirkiness. We expect our B&Bs to have the look and feel of a boutique hotel.”

The website features a wide variety of B&BS located all over the UK.

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